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Are you looking for superior mesh shorts manufacturers capable of modifying your sky-rocketing business in comparison to others? Rijiz is one of the unparalleled mesh shorts manufacturers perfectly suited to meet your needs. Presently, as sports and external outdoor interests command a crucial part in society, mesh shorts have become a prominent choice in all demographics due to their lightweight and long-lasting endurance.
As a pioneering mesh shorts vendor and supplier, we have an extensive range of distinctive types of mesh shorts meticulously designed to meet the needs of men, women, and adolescents. Our extraordinary customization options separate us from all others, providing you with the leverage to surpass your competitors with distinct, stylish versions of mesh shorts superior to everything else on the market. As a prominent wholesaler and supplier of mesh shorts, we meticulously curate and distribute an impressive array of custom-made mesh shorts. This is made possible thanks to our extensive use of advanced manufacturing techniques and our devoted team of highly skilled professionals, all focused on creating mesh shorts that brilliantly reflect the essence of your brand.


Custom Mesh Shorts: Surpassing Standards with Our Tailored Solutions

Opting for diversity, the creative team at Rijiz offers an extensive collection of mesh shorts that will optimally align with your business’s needs. Our team of professionals provides tailored cutting and stitching, positioning us as one of the notable custom mesh shorts manufacturers. Our customization allows you to cater to the unique facets of your brand that outshine your competitors, such as selecting color variants, exclusive sizing, custom embroideries, patches, sublimations, or explicit patterns for your shorts clothing range. Through distinction and ingenuity, we are equipped to assign a defined personality to all attire leaving our manufacturing units. Whether you require a well-established streetwear shorts vendor for casual wear, or a sports mesh shorts supplier for strenuous athletic gear, Rijiz is the already-ready ideal solution for your business needs.

A Shorts Collection Like No Other

Explore Our Diverse Range of Premium Shorts Manufacturing Solutions

We present unique designs that seamlessly incorporate your brand attributes, lending uniqueness to your private label. Our private label solution further guarantees comfortable fit and durability for our mesh shorts, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) platform facilitates deep customization, allowing you to construct an entirely new and unique product. With your ideas and our manufacturing capabilities, we materialize the perfect mesh shorts that resonate with your brand identity for your customers.

At Rijiz, we maintain a heavily-stocked and diverse collection of mesh shorts. Whether you are a start-up trying out the waters or a retail giant aiming for bulk purchases, we ensure a smooth and efficient wholesale supply that aligns with your sales projection.

Our Extensive Collection of Customizable Mesh Shorts

Men’s Mesh shorts have become a staple piece in many wardrobes, due to the increasing interest in fitness regimes and outdoor activities. To cater to this growing demand, Rijiz offers an expansive selection of men’s mesh shorts. These include a variety of sizes, colors, and materials as per personal preference and brand specifics. As a leading mesh shorts manufacturer, we guarantee unwavering quality mesh shorts. Our custom-made men’s mesh shorts range presents affordable yet distinctive solutions to revamp your collection.

As women’s interest in various sports and fitness activities increases, the demand for comfortable yet attractive women’s mesh shorts surges in parallel. In response, Rijiz offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality Women’s Mesh Shorts, covering extra small to large sizes. Our assortment presents an array of color variants, fabrics, and detailed designs catering to the diverse aspects of women’s needs, resulting in a luxurious, comfortable experience with every use.

What Are Different Types of Best Fabric for Shorts ?

Youth Mesh Shorts

Engaging the young audience opens a whole new channel of opportunities in the athletic gear segment. Understanding this budding demand, Rijiz diligently produces youth mesh shorts that pair comfort with trendy designs. Expect a diverse array of colors, sizes, and materials made just for age-specific needs. Suitable for various activities from everyday wear to sports training, our youth mesh shorts are a great addition to any store collection looking to cater to the younger market.

Gym Shorts

Sportswear Mesh Shorts

Sports activities include rigorous moments which demand active wear that provides both comfort and support. As a dedicated sportswear mesh shorts manufacturer, we at Rijiz offer shorts designed with a perfect blend of agile flexibility and breathability. Our wide array of sportswear mesh shorts caters to sports enthusiasts with its diverse colors, fabric choices, and size selections. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, our shorts provide a superior active experience that serves its comfort and functional purpose.

Denim Shorts

Casual Mesh Shorts

Rijiz is your trustworthy casual mesh shorts manufacturer for casual and versatile wardrobe options. Available in a variety of colors, sizing, and fabric choices, these shorts are perfect for your everyday comfort needs without sacrificing style and brand image. Your company will stand out for providing comfortable daily attire that stays true to the latest trends.

Men's Shorts

Running Mesh Shorts

Endurance and comfort are paramount needs when it comes to running wear. Rijiz offers a wide collection of high-quality running mesh shorts, ideal for long-distance runners and joggers alike. A range of sizes, colors, and material options available pair functionality with comfort to perfect your running experience.

Basketball Sportswear

Basketball Mesh Shorts

Rijiz steps up to be a dedicated basketball mesh shorts manufacturers, creating shorts intentionally designed for quick, agile movements on the basketball court. Having quick-drying, breathable fabrics and a diverse range of sizes and colors, these shorts provide comfort, allowing freedom of movement and helping boost performance.

The Football Jersey

Football Mesh Shorts

As professional football takes increasing precedence in today’s athletic scene, we establish ourselves as an eager contributor. Securing comfortable and well-fitted wear during intensive training sessions and matches is necessary. Our production of football mesh shorts ensures that our products can tackle both considerations comfortably, enhancing event experience both for players and fans.

Custom Fit Shorts

Mesh Workout Shorts

Workout shorts often vary in styles and fabrics according to activities. At Rijiz, we offer optimized mesh workout shorts that ensure airy and comfortable workout experiences due to their porous fabric. Offering a variety of colors, designs, and size ranges, we help complete your workout with a product that meets all expectations.

Explore Our Manufacturing Process

Materials specialized for Mesh Shorts Manufacturing

Polyester Boxer Shorts

Polyester Mesh Shorts

Experience the unbeatable moisture-wickability and versatility with our well-crafted polyester mesh shorts. Perfect for active wear, our shorts offer comfort and durability, making them an ideal option for versatile workout gear or casual wear.

Nylon Cycling Shorts

Nylon Mesh Shorts

Our Nylon mesh shorts are designed to withstand daily wear, offering outstanding durability coupled with its naturally quick-drying fabric. These shorts offer superior comfort and flexibility for active pursuits and everyday wear.


Cotton Mesh Shorts

Seek out comfort with our compression-resistant cotton mesh shorts. Being naturally breathable, these shorts ensure a top-tier comfort experience. Great for everyday casual wear or lighter physical activities, choosing our cotton mesh shorts will certainly add value to your collection.

Honeycomb Mesh

Micro-Mesh Shorts

Micro-mesh shorts are loved for their ultra light-weight feel, excellent moisture management, and optimal comfort. Our micro-mesh shorts, equipped with higher breathability and superior durability, fit perfectly in different applications, making them a popular choice for customers.

Why Choose Rijiz as Your Premier Mesh Shorts Manufacturer

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An Innovative Collection of Mesh Shorts

Explore an impressive collection of mesh shorts at Rijiz, offering a broad array of styles, designs, and functionalities for you to select from. Enhance your brand identity with our inventive collection, specially designed to add a unique touch to your lines.

Hassle-Free Custom Creation

Inject your brand identity into our broad range of customization options, including custom printing, sublimation, embroidery, and digital printing. Our experts work alongside you to morph your one-of-a-kind vision into a reality effortlessly.

Creative and Unique Designs
Oversized Shorts

Flexible Order Sizes

Whether you’re starting small or centered on large-scale operations, our flexible order sizes cater to businesses of all magnitudes. At Rijiz, we empower businesses to plant orders according to their bespoke requirements, extending comprehensive support from fledgling start-ups to fully established brands.

Superior Quality Guarantee

Each crafted pair of mesh shorts at Rijiz undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process employing high-grade fabrics and impeccable crafting techniques, enriching every client’s experience while upholding uncompromised quality standards.

Guaranteed Quality
Customer support

Global Industry-Leading Support

Equipped with years of industry experience and thriving partnerships with numerous global brands, our team at Rijiz provides personalized consultation and comprehensive support to ensure your business excels in the competitive sports apparel market.

CLIENTS Testimonials

James Creed
James Creed
Great manufacturer. Good contact and quick delivery.
Faz Ela
Faz Ela
I used this company for my new clothing brand. They are really easy to communicate with and provide excellent quality clothing, with really competitive prices. Will definitely be using them again.
No Laws To Infinity
No Laws To Infinity
Great material of T-shirts and customer service, just very long shipping time and a few minor inconveniences, that were eventually solved
Faisal Nadeem
Faisal Nadeem
I personally appreciate the work of this garment factory, their work and services are professional and satisfactory. No doubt in saying, rijiz is the best Pakistan clothing manufacturers. Cheers from Romania.
One One
One One
I think they are one of the responsible , and respectful, supplier to work with, they produice quality, and delivery is on time, very friendly and helpful
ahmad zikwan
ahmad zikwan
Great Recommendation to work with RIJIZ. they are Really Quality producer
All Songs
All Songs
Strongly recommend Rijiz, it was a great journey from start to finish. Being new to the industry the focal person was so transparent and we had strong communication throughout the entire process. Thanks for all working for quality blank hoodies and t-shirts in cotton fabric as per our required GSM for my business of print on demand. I really appreciate the continuous support & consistency of team rijiz and will definitely keep working with them for long term! Happy to have you as a partnered clothing factory.
Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan
Fantastic product


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We go the extra mile to assure a wide interface of customization options on mesh shorts. These comprise of various materials, distinct color ranges, complete sizing options, and bespoke customization par your tastes reflected through sublimation, embroidery, exclusive patches, or a diverse range of printing along with a custom design of your chosen mesh shorts.

Absolutely! In fact, we highly encourage our customers to ask for product prototypes whenever ordering customized mesh shorts. This enables you to ensure that the final product will be crafted according to your exact requirements and expectations before reverting with a large-sized order.

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