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The value of the first sample in the clothing industry is worthy and necessary. It is the best way to visualize the final product. Before going to the bulk production of the garment, it will be nice to ask for the sample to eliminate the maximum risks and enable yourself to see what you will get against your payment for the bulk.

By having industrial experience we know the value of clothing sample makers and always refer to the clothing brand beginning with an initial sample instead of directly going into bulk production with any clothing factory.

We know the necessity of the first sample, so the RIJIZ provides its service as a Clothing Sample Maker. In this service, we prefer to hear the buyer/client/brand requirements in detail and discuss their preference among the style, sizing, fabrics, artwork, etc to proceed toward the final stage of sample making.  This sample will help to compute the accurate price of each garment, confirm the lead production time, and confirm the final shipping charges, and the number of boxes for your required bulk production.

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Step 1

This will be our first interaction with you & your brand as a clothing sample maker. We would like to hear from you in detail about your idea or plan. Please try to share all the information you have, including the product’s name, style, design, logo, and any reference photos, mockups, tech packs, size charts &, etc. If you have any detail feel free to share them with us in one go for our better understanding and to make the process smooth and fast.

Step 2

In this phase, the discussion between us will start when we receive all the detailed information from your end, we will review the provided information as the clothing sample maker. And will ask if any essential information is missing and discuss the necessary aspects. Then we will confirm the sampling lead time and quote you the reasonable sampling charges and then the process of making the first sample will start.

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